Why You Should Swap Sports Drinks for Water


How much good is that sports drink you reach for after each workout really doing you? While its makers tout its replenishing and hydrating benefits, could it be that any good drinking it might do could be cancelled out by the harm it is doing in other areas of our body…like our teeth? The truth […]

Tips for Reducing Tooth Sensitivity

Mouth Pain

It is amazing how painful and distracting sensitive teeth can be. Not only does this condition cause you sudden discomfort without warning, it also affects your ability to enjoy everyday things like a hot cup of coffee or an ice cream cone. For some, even brushing and flossing can be torturous because of their sensitive […]

3 Ways to Entice Your Kids to Brush

Kids brushing teeth

It is not always easy getting kids to understand why brushing their teeth is important. Some parents have a tough time getting their younger children anywhere near a toothbrush, let alone getting them to brush on a regular basis. Related: What is in Your Child’s Lunchbox? For one thing, it can be tricky explaining to a […]