“Dr. Rouhani did a full mouth cosmetic reconstruction for a photo shoot that I had. Needless to say I got the modeling job thanks to his perfect work. He transformed my smile!”

— Andrea H.

“I used to be terrified of dentists until I came to see Dr. Rouhani. He is sensitive to the extremely real fears that people may have about going to the dentist. His calm and funny demeanor make you forget where you are. His jokes are so funny and without even realizing it you are done. He is the only dentist I will ever go to that does impeccable work but in an extremely caring and kind way.”

— Eddie A.

“I have a great smile because of Dr. Rouhani. I was always super sensitive and unable to do any whitening procedures because of it. I lived with discolored and stained teeth because of my fear. Dr. Rouhani solved that for me. He has all the cutting edge technology that you could ever need. My smile is bright white and I had zero, yes zero, sensitivity which was amazing for me.”

— Liz A.

“I have been going to Dr. Rouhani for 14 years. I now live in flagstaff and drive to Scottsdale just to see him. He is the BEST dentist ever and I will go to him no matter what. I will never take a chance with my health.”

— Rob K.

“When you go see Dr. Rouhani and his staff you receive a truly VIP experience. Everyone is always happy and fun. They are compassionate and make me feel very comfortable every time. The office is always immaculately clean and very welcoming.”

— Sherri B.

“Everyone at Smile Concepts is wonderful. Dr. Rouhani is amazing. He is an incredible dentist in a comfortable and state of the art location. I am a patient for life.”

— Charlie L.

“I came to see Dr. Rouhani for a free second opinion after I was told by another dentist I needed 6 crowns. Dr. Rouhani thoroughly evaluated my X-rays and took pictures with a cool little camera of all my teeth and showed me that I didn’t need any crowns but instead they were all 6 only fillings. He is very honest and really cares about your teeth.”

— Cynthia S.

“Dr. Rouhani saved my mouth! I thought I would need dentures and didn’t know I was able to get dental implants. Now, I can eat everything and it feels like my natural teeth. Dr. Rouhani is amazing.”

— Melissa S.

“I absolutely love Smile Concepts. Dr. Rouhani is very personable and friendly. The entire staff is professional and caring. I’m glad they are my dental office.”

— John D.

“Dr. Rouhani is hands down the most gentle and caring dentist I’ve ever been to. He has been my dentist since 2001. My husband and I happily drive almost one hour just to see him and his friendly staff. They accommodate my timing needs and are all so kind and welcoming that it reminds us that we are blessed to have Dr. Rouhani as our dentist.”

— Patti H.

“You have to go see Dr. Rouhani. He was able to quickly close gaps I had in the front of my teeth and correct my “former” gummy smile and then in one sitting make my teeth the whitest they have ever been! He gave me the perfect smile for my wedding day. He is such a perfectionist and my smile looks amazing because of his attention to detail. My smile is a work of art because of Dr. Rouhani.”

— Stephanie J.

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