Laser Dentistry in Scottsdale

Leaser Dentistry

At Smile Concepts Comprehensive Dentistry, we take advantage of the best technology available to provide our patients with the highest quality care. Our team is dedicated to making each procedure as comfortable as possible.

We want all of our patients to feel safe and secure knowing that they are getting up-to-date care. We are continually striving to find more ways to serve our patients and more dental innovations that will make our procedures even better. As a part of this effort, Dr. Rouhani and his staff are proud to offer laser dentistry procedures to their patients in Scottsdale.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

We utilize laser dentistry in many of our procedures. Our laser dentistry procedures come with many benefits over the standard drill including:

Precision | Laser dentistry tools are exceptionally precise and accurate. By using laser dentistry, Dr. Rouhani can take advantage of a tool that gets more precise results than a standard drill.

More Comfort | Laser dentistry treatments are more comfortable than standard treatments. The laser creates less sensitivity and applies less pressure during procedures than a typical drill.

Faster and More Effective Results | By utilizing laser dentistry, we can perform procedures even faster and achieve a more effective end result.

Shorter Recovery Time | Laser dentistry minimizes bleeding and swelling and reduces any risk of infection. Patients who have undergone a laser dentistry procedure heal faster than patients who had the same procedure performed with a drill.

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At Smile Concepts Comprehensive Dentistry, we use lasers in many of our dentistry procedures including our cosmetic dentistry services and our periodontal disease treatments. Patients can enjoy the benefits of laser dentistry in most of our dentistry services. At our office, you can also take advantage of our laser cavity scanner, which uses lasers to detect hidden decay and offer immediate treatment.

To find out more about our laser dentistry procedures, call us at our office (480) 951-2800. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have, or to schedule an appointment.

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