Why You Should Commit to Seeing the Same Dentist

177347848As with any medical provider, it is important to find a dentist that you feel comfortable with and whose judgment you trust. You want to find someone who you can communicate well with and who has provided effective treatment for you in the past. Every dentist has their own approach and technique and it can sometimes be difficult to connect with one that works for you.

If you are able to find that connection with a dentist, there are many advantages to sticking with that dentist over the long run for both you and your family.

Records and X-Rays

To start with, your dentist will have records of every time he or she has seen you in the office and of every procedure he or she has ever performed on you, including consultations. These records will definitely make things convenient for you and the dentist as you move forward with treatments over the years. Your dentist will be able to quickly refer to these records for information that can help him or her in decisions they have to make. X-Rays will also be kept on file, which means less time in the dentist chair doing new x-rays over and over.

Familiarity With Your Mouth

Hopefully, your visits to the dentist do not become a regular occurrence besides regularly scheduled check-ups and cleanings. In some cases though, multiple visits will be necessary to address a specific issue. Being able to go back to the same dentist during these visits will make a difference because the dentist will be familiar with the issue as well as your mouth. He or she will be able to quickly pick up from where they left before and focus on fixing the problem rather than spending time figuring out a strategy.

A Team You Know

Another advantage of sticking with the same dentist is that it allows you to continue to work with a staff you are familiar with. There are several advantages to this. In fact, being able to see and work with the same people at a dentist’s office has been listed as one of the most important ways to reduce stress and anxiety for those going to the dentist. It will also save you time when it comes to insurance billing and paperwork. From front office staff to assistants and hygienists, knowing the team at your dentist’s office can be a key benefit to committing to the same dentist.

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