Why Dental Cleanings Are Essential

Life is busy. Between work, home, and family responsibilities, making time for something like a dental cleaning might seem laughable, especially if you don’t particularly love going to the dentist.

While dental cleanings are quick and painless, many people still tend to avoid them for various reasons: fear, cost, scheduling conflicts, etc. But unfortunately, when people do this, they’re skipping an absolutely vital part of proper oral health care.


Here’s why dental cleanings are essential.

To check in with overall oral health.

Your overall oral health is extremely important. At your cleaning, your dentist will go over your oral health with you, including your oral care habits, any discomfort you’re experiencing, and so on. It’s the best way to touch base with your dentist about caring for your teeth and gums in general.

To check teeth for decay.

It’s important to catch tooth decay before it’s allowed to progress too aggressively. At your cleaning, your dentist will be able to catch signs of tooth decay (hopefully early on) so you can work together to stop it in its tracks.

To check gums for signs of disease.

It’s important to care for your teeth, but it’s also essential to take care of your gums. Gum disease, which begins with plaque buildup, can eventually affect the jawbone, which could lead to premature tooth loss.

To fight bad breath.

A clean mouth is a good smelling mouth. Brushing and flossing go a long way toward keeping your breath fresh, but regular deep cleanings help a lot, too.

To detect diseases such as oral cancer.

Oral cancer is usually treatable—as long as it’s caught early on. The process of a routine cleaning may reveal potential symptoms of oral cancer.

To remove plaque and tartar buildup.

The thing that will take the most time at your cleaning is the removal of plaque and tartar buildup. This is important, as buildup can lead to tooth decay or gum disease. Even if you brush and floss regularly, plaque and tartar still build up on your teeth.

To prevent future dental work.

Avoiding dental cleanings is not going to be good for your teeth in the long run—and it will probably hurt your wallet, too. Dental cleanings, which are relatively inexpensive, could potentially help you avoid more serious procedures (like fillings or root canals) in the future.

To give you a brighter, whiter smile.

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, and dental cleanings can help. Whiter teeth aren’t necessarily the goal of a dental cleaning, tartar can have a yellowish tint to it, so when it is removed, teeth usually appear whiter.

Regular dental cleanings are an essential part of oral health, so don’t skip them! At Smile Concepts, our number one priority is helping you reveal your happier, healthier smile. Whether you’ve had your teeth cleaned regularly for years, or are behind on your appointments, we’d love to schedule your cleaning and get you back on track. Call us today!