Top 3 Dental Emergencies and How to Handle Them

doctor-563429_1280Each year there are thousands of reported dental emergencies across the country. These emergencies mostly affect people between the ages of 18 and 44 years old and range in level of seriousness. When a dental emergency does happen, it can be helpful to know what to look for and how to best handle the issue to prevent further damage or injury.

Here we list the 3 dental emergencies that need to be addressed right away. Not only are these 3 problems considered serious, but they are also some of the most common emergencies involving teeth, gums or the mouth that dentists see.

  1. Broken or Fractured Tooth

Often the result of an injury or accident, a broken or fractured tooth can be very painful and scary. It is important to remain calm and do the following:

  •      Save as much of the tooth as possible
  •      Carefully rinse your mouth to clear your mouth of harmful bacteria or debris
  •      Treat any swelling you experience with a cold compress
  •      Get to a dentist, emergency room or urgent care as soon as possible
  1. Lost Tooth

If a permanent tooth is knocked out, it is extremely important that you move quickly and carefully to ensure the best possible outcome. There is a chance that you can save the tooth if things are handled correctly.

  •      Rinse the tooth gently
  •      Place it in a container of milk if possible (salt water is another alternative)
  •      Be sure to handle the tooth by the crown and not the roots
  •      Head to the dentist as soon as possible – within 30 minutes for best results

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  1. Intense Tooth Pain

It may seem that tooth pain on its own is not necessarily an emergency, but it is still important to pay attention to what your body is telling you. When tooth pain gets intense, it is best not to ignore it and hope it goes away. It is usually a sign of tooth decay or infection.

Be sure to seek attention from your dentist right away when experiencing intense tooth pain so that the root of the issue can be addressed. This will prevent the situation from getting worse.

If you ever have questions about a dental emergency, be sure to give Smile Concepts a call at 480-951-2800. In a real emergency when a tooth has been knocked out or a jaw has been fractured, it is best to go directly to an emergency room. Keep us in the loop though, so we can do our best to help.