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While regular trips to the dentist are one of the most important things you can do for your oral health, visiting a dental office isn’t always a pleasant experience. You have to take time off work, go into a busy office, wait your turn, and share your time with several other strangers who are also waiting to receive dental care. If your problem is urgent, you have a very busy schedule, or you experience dental anxiety, this “typical” experience may become a very big nuisance.

At Smile Concepts, we want to make sure you are satisfied with every aspect of your dental care experience—from setting the appointment to walking out the door. That’s why we are proud to offer VIP Concierge services to all our patients.

What is VIP Concierge service?

VIP Concierge services allow you to experience dental care the way it should be—convenient, private, and 100% focused on you and your needs. Each patient who books a VIP appointment will enjoy:

  • An exclusive appointment, with zero wait time and complete privacy. During a VIP Concierge treatment, you will have the entire office to yourself.
  • Our staff’s full, undivided attention. No wait, no interruptions, and no rush. VIP Concierge patients will have the entire attention of Dr. Rouhani and his staff, who will be focused only on providing you with the very best dental care.
  • Appointment times that work for you. Need to schedule your appointment outside of normal business hours? We are happy to help. VIP Concierge appointments are available when you need them.
  • Exceptional dental care. Dr. Rouhani and his staff are highly trained and experienced providers who will give you the high-quality results and comfortable experience you have always wanted from your dentist.

What dental services are offered as VIP Concierge services?

All of the procedures we typically perform in our office can be performed as a VIP Concierge service, making all of your dental care needs more convenient than ever.

What days and times are available for VIP Concierge appointments?

These appointments are available on an as-needed basis. Same-day appointments are available. Appointment times fill quickly, so please call us at 480-951-2800 or visit our Contact Us page at your earliest convenience to schedule your private appointment.

Who can schedule a VIP Concierge appointment?

Our VIP Concierge services are available to all patients, both existing and new. Whether you have been visiting Smile Concepts for years, or are ready to schedule your first appointment, we would love to help you receive the VIP treatment you deserve.

It’s time for dental care that is focused on you: your schedule, your time, and your needs. Contact us today and enjoy a dental care experience that puts a real smile on your face.

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