Restorative & General Dentistry

Restorative & General Dentistry

Our general dentistry offers top quality care that focuses on preventing tooth problems before they start with good oral hygiene habits, regular cleanings, and regular check-ups.

At our practice, we also offer meaningful restorative dentistry services that are designed to fix dental problems and help patients who have suffered from tooth damage or decay to enjoy the benefits of a full healthy smile again.

Some of our services include:

  • Extractions | We will do everything in our power to help you keep your teeth forever, but if a tooth needs to come out, we can perform a professional tooth extraction with sensitivity towards the comfort of the patient and a gentle touch.
  • Bone Grafting | For patients who have lost bone mass, we can perform a professional bone graft to help restore oral health, functionality, and eligibility for other treatments including dental implants.
  • Missing Teeth Restorative Services | At Smile Concepts, we offer multiple tooth replacement options for our patients who have suffered a tooth loss. Our restorative services for missing teeth include dental implants and dental bridges. If you are missing teeth, we can arrange with Dr. Rouhani to discuss your options.
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction | Our team has the skill, experience, and technical knowledge to perform full mouth reconstructions for patients who have suffered significant damage in the Scottsdale area.
  • Dentures | For patients who are missing all or almost all of their teeth, we offer denture options that include both traditional custom-made dentures, as well as dentures that are more permanent and implant supported.
  • Root Canals | If your tooth has become severely infected, we can relieve your pain and save your tooth using a root canal therapy procedure.
  • Periodontal Treatment | Gum disease is a serious and common issue, but at our office we offer treatment that can provide meaningful relief.
  • Fluoride Treatments | Our fluoride treatments keep teeth healthy and strong. Come in every six months for your routine checkup and we will make sure that your teeth are receiving the best general care.
  • Oral hygiene instructions | We believe in educating our patients and helping them maintain their oral health to the best of their ability. We will teach you good oral hygiene habits and help you avoid cavities and other tooth problems.

To find out more about our restorative and general dentistry options, contact us at our Scottsdale office today.

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