Improve Your Sleep with a Sleep Apnea Device

If you or your partner struggle with snoring due to sleep apnea, you know how frustrating it can be. Sleep apnea-induced snoring can be embarrassing and/or disruptive, and can negatively impact your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

A CPAP machine has long been considered the only truly effective option to help address sleep apnea-related snoring, but unfortunately, it has a number of downsides, too. These machines can be uncomfortable and loud, making them disruptive in their own right.

A better alternative: oral appliance therapy

At Smile Concepts, we are pleased to offer an alternative that can help improve sleep apnea-induced snoring effectively, conveniently, and more comfortably: oral appliance therapy.

This treatment uses a fitted device that gently shifts the jaw forward during sleep, adjusting it to a more therapeutic position and activating airway muscles to keep the airway open.

Why choose oral appliance therapy?

Oral appliance therapy can help effectively address sleep apnea-induced snoring, without many of the downsides patients experience with CPAP machines.

In fact, in a randomized crossover trial comparing oral appliance therapy to CPAP in patients with obstructive sleep apnea, about 81% preferred OAT.

This is because the device we use is less intrusive and more comfortable than a CPAP machine. It is also extremely portable, making it very convenient for travel.

Plus, our device is FDA-cleared and is backed by documented, clinical success in mitigating or preventing effects of snoring caused by mild-moderate sleep apnea.

Start your journey toward better sleep.

Not everyone is a good candidate for oral appliance therapy, but if you struggle with snoring due to mild-moderate sleep apnea, and if you are hesitant to try or continue treatment with a CPAP machine, our sleep apnea device could be the solution you are looking for.

Schedule your appointment today to learn more about whether or not you are a good candidate for oral appliance therapy. We look forward to helping you improve your sleep!

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