How to Get a Whiter, Brighter Smile

In December, lots of people are dreaming of a white Christmas; but all year long, almost everyone is dreaming of a whiter smile.

A bright, beautiful smile is something everyone wants, and having whiter teeth can be a big step to getting there. When you feel good about how your teeth look, you’re likely to smile more, exuding happiness and confidence.


Maybe that’s why there are so many whitening products lining the toothpaste aisle these days. Many types of brushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash claim to give you whiter teeth. And then there are, of course, those infamous strips. However, many people find that such “solutions” don’t really give them the dramatic results they’re looking for—or any results at all.


This is why we recommend professional whitening to anyone who is looking to get a sparkling smile in a short amount of time. Professional whitening options are just as safe and convenient as anything you can buy at the drugstore, but much more effective.


At Smile Concepts, our number one goal is to help you love your smile. That’s why we’re proud to offer two professional whitening treatment options to our patients.

The first is Zoom whitening

This in-office procedure is super quick and provides brilliant results. Using a specialized gel that is activated by a powerful blue light, Zoom is able to make your teeth up to eight shades whiter in just an hour. You can walk out of our office ready to flash your whiter-than-pearly-whites to the whole world.

The other option we recommend is take-home whitening trays

You’ll take home a tray customized to fit your teeth, along with a whitening gel. Together, these products can help you gradually achieve whiter teeth. A highly affordable and effective option, whitening trays are a great way to get the white smile you’ve always dreamed of.


Ready to stop hiding your smile? Choose a professional whitening option that’s right for you, and together, we can erase those stains and reveal the bright white smile you were meant to have.


To learn more about our professional whitening options, or to schedule a consultation, call Smile Concepts at 480-951-2800. We’d love to help you make your smile whiter, brighter, and even more radiant.