Sensitive Teeth: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

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Tooth sensitivity is a problem that can affect your daily life. When you have sensitive teeth, even simple things like eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth can become excruciating.   But how do you know if your teeth are sensitive or if there’s a bigger problem that needs to be addressed (like a cavity)? What—if […]

How to Get a Whiter, Brighter Smile

In December, lots of people are dreaming of a white Christmas; but all year long, almost everyone is dreaming of a whiter smile. A bright, beautiful smile is something everyone wants, and having whiter teeth can be a big step to getting there. When you feel good about how your teeth look, you’re likely to […]

10 Need-to-Know Facts About Dental Veneers

When you feel self-conscious about your appearance, it affects your confidence and happiness. This is why we all spend time and money taking care of our skin, hair, nails, and of course, teeth. Unfortunately, changing the appearance of your smile isn’t exactly as easy as getting a haircut. For this reason, it’s easy to feel […]

Straight Talk About Clear Aligners

Everyone wants straight teeth, but almost no one wants to put up with conventional braces. Metal braces can make you feel socially awkward, as they can affect your speech and appearance. They can also be physically uncomfortable, and difficult to keep clean. Clear aligners are an alternative to braces that offer a solution to these […]

4 Ways to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

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Sensitive teeth can make life very uncomfortable. You are not able to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks, you have to be careful when you put anything in your mouth and sometimes even a breeze that hits your teeth at just the right angle can cause searing pain for several seconds or longer. The good […]