Help Your Teeth Age Gracefully


There continues to be great advancement and improvements in oral health treatment and technology. More people than ever are able to enjoy health teeth and gums for much longer in their lives than those who lived just 40 to 50 years earlier. These days, adults age 65 and older are keeping their natural teeth at […]

How Can Dry Mouth Hurt Your Teeth

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Have you ever experienced that sticky, dry, not so fresh feeling in your mouth that created within you a sudden desire to break for the nearest source of water, or perhaps a mint, or even a stick of gum?  It’s highly probable that you were experiencing Xerostomia, more commonly known as ‘Dry Mouth’.  Dry mouth […]

Are You Using the Right Toothpaste?


How do you typically choose your toothpaste? Do you have a favorite that you grew up with and continue to use based on tradition? Have you seen a specific feature highlighted in a recent TV commercial that influences what you buy? Are you looking for the best price? Because there are so many different options […]

Signs You Need a New Dentist


Is your dentist giving you their best? Are they addressing the correct issue and reviewing the available options? Do they give you a hard time when you ask for a second opinion? These are just some of the questions you might want to ask yourself if you suspect that you might need a new dentist. […]

3 Dry Mouth Fixes

signs of gingivitis

Everyone experiences a dry mouth once in a while. It could be when we first wake up in the morning or maybe after an intense workout at the gym. For some people, dry mouth is a chronic condition that occurs frequently and can lead to issues. Not only can chronic dry mouth be uncomfortable, it […]